Checking Shadows

As the day grows long, and our shadows with it, we continue our trek along the ocean’s edge. How long have we been walking? It feels like years.

We started just after They arrived. They look like us, but they aren’t from Earth. At least, not ours. They seemed friendly at first. They said their Earth had been destroyed by a giant meteor.

They had nowhere to go, so people all over the world took them in. DZerka moved in with us. He said he’d been a hunter on his old Earth. He taught me how to fish without a fishing rod. It’s helped us survive.

People started disappearing. At first it was just the elderly. They denied having anything to do with it, but that was a lie. I caught DZerka bending over my mom when she was unconscious on the kitchen floor. He claimed she had fainted, but I saw his fangs.

They are from a vampire world. They don’t leave shadows, so we walk during the day. We check shadows when someone new shows up. We stick to beaches because there’s nothing to hide them when They come for us. They’re tough to kill, but we’ve taken down a few.

DZerka and his kind are hunters. They move from Earth to Earth as they suck each one dry. It’s only a matter of time before They finish here. I hope the next Earth isn’t so trusting.

This is a kind of crazy story. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with the prompt this week, so I went hunting for pictures. The one I chose brought me the first line. The story grew from there!

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This story is my response to this Wake Up and Write prompt:

Write a story that involves shadows. Perhaps the shadows are malevolent spirits, or maybe their presence is simply a technique used to build suspense. Whatever you decide, include them!