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What is Fiction in 50?

“Of course I can tell a complete story in fifty words.”
Jace looked at me like I’d lost my mind.
”Look, it’s called a dribble, or sometimes a pentina.”
Jace wagged his tail and rolled onto his back for belly rubs. I obliged, certain he understood and agreed.
”Good talk!”

There are five takeaways from this story.

1.      Fifty-word stories are a lot of fun!

2.      Jace really is my dog, and we really do have conversations just like this. Sometimes they even consist of more than fifty words.

3.      I’m not a great photographer.

4.      Dribbles are tiny stories that can be read in under a minute. Perfect, even if you’re in a hurry. But don’t let their length fool you; these stories can pack a wallop.

5.      If you subscribe, you’ll get to read lots of these fun stories.

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Fiction in 50 doesn’t expose corrupt politicians or give you the lowdown on new tech or any of a thousand other things you can read about on the internet. It provides an experience—stories to make you think, smile, laugh, cry, or otherwise react.

I’m Dascha Paylor, a disabled physician working part-time as a life coach and freelance editor. I also write books and short stories. Writing is my passion.

On these pages you’ll find everything from contemporary fiction to science fiction to fantasy. Stories may be humorous, serious, and occasionally devastating in their emotional impact. They can be as short as fifty words or as long as two thousand. Now and again, on a Sunday, I publish a blog post.

My readers, if they want, can be an interactive part of my writing process. I welcome prompts and discussion of stories that touch, intrigue, or otherwise affect you. I’ve been known to engage in a two-way prompt, in which I provide a picture and readers respond with a prompt based on that picture. It’s resulted in some great stories.

My tiny tales are a fun way to start your day. Most of my stories can be read in a few minutes. I save the longer ones for Sundays, when most of us have more leisure time. I know your lives are busy. Mine is too. We’re all inundated with way too much email.  If you’re anything like me, you open your email and start deleting. You sigh at the volume left that still needs to be read and dealt with in some way.

Don’t delete emails from Fiction in 50, though. They’re there to ease the daily stress of too much email. (Ironic, I know.) Before you start working through your email and the many things that claim your time, cleanse your emotional palate with a small story. It’s amazing how a short, fun read can help you face your day. If you really don’t have time to read, you can save the stories for another day. Fiction in 50 exists for you, my readers.

Fiction in 50 is a reader-supported publication. To receive new posts and support my work, consider becoming a free or paid subscriber.

Free subscribers receive three stories a week. Paid subscribers receive five as well as access to the complete archive of (as of this writing) more than 300 stories.. Some readers want to offer additional financial support. That’s what Founding memberships are for. As a thank you for the extra support, I send out an additional story each month to Founding members. While Substack sets a suggested dollar value, any amount over the yearly paid subscription rate will provide Founding status.

Thank you to everyone who, in any capacity, joins the Fiction in 50 community. Knowing you read my stories brings me great joy.

Keep reading. Keep imagining. Keep smiling.

Dascha (and Jace)

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